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AgentSheets Applet Interface Guide

AgentSheets applets allow you to run the model, add and remove agents to the worksheet, and change simulation properties from within your internet browser. AgentSheets application functions that are not available within the applet include the ability to create new agents or depictions, edit agent behaviors, resize and save the worksheet, or export data from a plot window.

Looking at the interface in the image below, there are five components of the interface, three of which work much the same as in the application.

  1. The Gallery - As mentioned above, in an applet you cannot create new agents or depictions, so the gallery in the applet interface only functions to let you select an agent or depiction that you want to add to the worksheet area. Right-click (Windows), or ctrl-click (Mac) on one of the agents in the gallery and a drop-down list of the different depictions for that agent will appear. Select the one you want to use.
  2. Worksheet Toolbar - The toolbar functions as in the AgentSheets application. Use it to move, add, erase, list, trigger, fill or clear areas, and query agents in the worksheet.
  3. Worksheet Area - Again functions much the same as in the application. This is where the action takes place. Everything can be altered here, just as in the application, however, it can't be resized or saved, so clicking the "Reset" button will always return the worksheet area to the same condition it was in when the applet was intitialized.
  4. Simulation Controls - Also work just as in the application. You can clear and rebuild your worksheet area from scratch, but you can't resize or save it. If you want to do extensive work on the worksheet, you should do it in the application where you can save you work.
  5. Tools Drop-Down - This well hidden little button allows you to open the Simulation Properties editor, as well as the Agent Attributes editor.

GIF image of the Agent Sheets applet interface for inclusion in the introductory guide to using Agent Sheets applets.

For more information about the features and use of AgentSheets see the developer's official support page.