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Welcome to the Math at School page of the Durham Public Schools Project RAMP web site. This page exits to provide parents/guardians and members of the community with information regarding the mathematics curriculum of the Durham Public Schools System. Likewise this page provides its visitors with information to help them better prepare their students for experiences with math at school.

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Curriculum and Standard Course of Study Information:

Mathematics Curriculum Materials used in Durham Public Schools:

*Supporting Your Student at School; What Can Parents/Guardians Do?

  • Become aware of any mathematics anxiety they have and be careful not to pass along their fears to their children.
  • Realize that they don't have to know all of the answers (one of the most helpful answers may be "Let's find out together").
  • Talk to their children about the relevance of math to future success.
  • Be sure that their children pursue high quality math courses.
  • Find out about enrichment programs.
  • Encourage their children's interest in math and let them know they can succeed.
  • Have high expectations and check on their progress.
  • Ask questions.
*From the NC Dept. of Public Instruction Math Department.

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