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Dynamic Programming with CUDA, Part I
CreatorRob Hochberg
ContributorRob Hochberg
PublisherShodor Education Foundation
DescriptionThis module provides a quick review of dynamic programming, but the student is assumed to have seen it before. The parallel programming environment is NVIDIA's CUDA environment for graphics cards (GPGPU - general purpose graphics processing units). The CUDA environment simultaneously operates with a fast shared memory and a much slower global memory, and thus has aspects of shared-memory parallel computing and distributed computing. Specifics for programming in CUDA are included where appropriate, but the reader is also referred to the NVIDIA CUDA C Programming Guide, and the CUDA API Reference Manual.
FormatC, PDF, Other
SubjectEducation, Computational Science, Computer Science, Mathematics
KeywordGPGPU, CUDA, dynamic programming
AudienceEducator, Learner/Student, Student