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GalaxSee HPC Module 1: The N-Body Problem, Serial and Parallel Simulation
CreatorDavid Joiner
ContributorNone listed
PublisherShodor Education Foundation
DescriptionThis module introduces the N-body problem, which seeks to account for the dynamics of systems of multiple interacting objects. Galaxy dynamics serves as the motivating example to introduce a variety of computational methods for simulating change and criteria that can be used to check for model accuracy. Finally, the basic issues and ideas that must be considered when developing a parallel implementation of the simulation are introduced.
FormatC, Word
SubjectSpace, Astronomy, Physics, Computational Science, Computer Science
KeywordGalaxy, GalaxSee, MPI, parallel, OpenMP, HPC, High Performance Computing
AudienceResearcher, Educator, Learner/Student, Professional/Practitioner