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Project TitleScaling the Bootable Cluster CD to Petascale
SummaryUpdate and extend the example software that is shipped with the BCCD (GalaxSee, PetaKit, etc.) Develop the plumbing to enable remote job submission from the BCCD to national resources, e.g. TeraGrid. Design and develop hybrid models (MPI+OpenMP, MPI+CUDA, etc.) using molecular dynamics as the problem space.
Job DescriptionThe LittleFe/BCCD groups have secured funding from Intel and the SC Steering Committee to put 25 LittleFe/BCCD units in the field this summer and fall. This will substantially increase the exposure and usage for the BCCD, something that we're ready for now that we've completed the migration to a Debian based build model with updated toolchains and such. I propose to lead a project which would move the BCCD to be a more useful tool for petascale education. This would entail the following three sub-projects:

1) Update all the examples that are shipped with the BCCD, e.g. Dave Joiner's new version of GalaxSee and others. Many of the existing examples don't scale well and we believe that they should to be of use as core counts and node counts continue to increase. This would include instrumenting all of them with the PetaKit software we developed previously (which would also be included as a standalone entity with associated curriculum).

2) Develop curriculum modules and associated software programs that use molecular dynamics as the basis for examples of how to develop, debug, test and deploy hybrid models, that is MPI+OpenMP, MPI+CUDA, and MPI+OpenCL. These would be teaching modules designed to be used as stand-alone entities by people either teaching themselves about hybrid models or by faculty teaching a class with a unit on one or more hybrid models.

3) Build the linkages so that jobs could first be run under a scheduler under the BCCD and then easily submitted to TeraGrid or other large-scale resources directly from the BCCD.
Start Date05/20/2011
End Date12/15/2011
LocationCluster Computing Group, Computer Science Department, Earlham College, Richmond, IN
Ivan Babic