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Project TitleParallel fluid dynamics algorithms developer
SummaryIntern will work with the mentor and a graduate student to 1) Develop finite element CFD codes to PETSc/C 2) Develop and test a new scheme for solving 3D Navier-Stokes equations
Job DescriptionA finite element CFD code is, by nature, quite complex, and there are many important pieces that an undergraduate could work on. As a start, the intern will be part of a team with the mentor and at least one graduate student to develop a parallel finite element CFD code for numerically solving 3D Navier-Stokes equations and related large eddy simulation models, as well as 3D magneto-hydrodamic flows. The key components will be distribution of matrix assembly across processors and fitting built-in PETSc linear solvers and preconditioners to our application.

The next phase will be implementing and testing the so-called "enhanced-physics based" scheme for the 3D Navier-Stokes equations, which is touted as the most physically accurate numerical scheme yet developed (due to superior discrete conservation properties for energy and helicity). However, it has yet to be tested on realistic problems in the large scale.

There are several directions the project could take after this, including working on new parallel discretization methods for NSE and/or MHD, improving preconditioners, etc. By this time, the intern will likely develop a favored interest, and we will allow him/her to work on that.

Start Date05/10/2010
End Date05/08/2011
LocationO-110 Martin Hall
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29634
Ben Cousins