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Project TitleEfficient Use of HPC Resources for Optimized CFD Simulations
SummaryThe undergraduate student intern will work with the mentor to learn how to optimize the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code for the numerical simulations of compressible flow problems, identify performance bottlenecks using performance analysis tools and work on the development of parallelization strategies to use the high performance computing (HPC) resources efficiently.
Job DescriptionThe intern's duties are to understand the physics of classical fluid instability, the numerical algorithms used for the simulations in mixing, and learn to use high performance computing.
Use of Blue WatersThe Blue Waters supercomputer will be used for the optimization of the code using compilers (Cray, PGI, Intel, GNU) that are available. TAU profiling will be used for the performance analysis.
Conditions/QualificationsThe student working on this project must be an Undergraduate student in good-standing at the University of Arkansas.
The student engaged or interested in mathematics, computing and their applications in physics is eligible for this position.

Start Date05/31/2018
End Date05/31/2019
LocationComputational Applied Mathematics Group
University of Arkansas
Fayettiville, Arkansas
John McGarigal
Alaina Edwards