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Project TitleAnalysis of Numerical Simulations of Cosmic Reionization
SummaryPrimary duties for the position involve analysis of numerical simulations of cosmic reionization on Blue Waters supercomputer. The work will consist of accessing the simulation data, running analysis software such as halo finders, and developing new analysis tools for measuring reionization histories of halos of various masses.
Job DescriptionThe duties of the intern focus on the analysis of simulation results from the "Cosmic Reionization On Computers" project. The specific work includes accessing simulation snapshots, identifying all resolved dark matter halos using halo finders available with the astrophysical simulation analysis framework "yt", extracting their properties from the simulations using the "yt" framework, building up histories of individual halos by locating them at different simulation snapshots, measuring the distributions of ionized and neutral gas in halos of various masses at different simulation epochs, and preparing the analyzed results for the scientific publication.

Use of Blue WatersThe goal of the intern position is to analyze the simulations completed on Blue Waters under the "Faintest Galaxies in the JWST Era" (PRAC_bamo) allocation, a part of the "Cosmic Reionization On Computers" (CROC) project.
Conditions/QualificationsMust be University of Chicago undergraduate student majoring in math or physics.
Must be fluent in Python.
Must have experience with "yt" astrophysical simulation analysis framework.
Must have basic knowledge of cosmology and physics of cosmic reionization.
Start Date05/31/2018
End Date05/31/2019
LocationDepartment of Astronomy and Astrophysics
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637
Hanjue Zhu