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Project TitleUndergraduate Petascale Intern
SummaryThe undergraduate student will work with the Flash code developed by the Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes at the University of Chicago. The student will work to port it to a disk-less based cluster, will test and benchmark his work using this code and will develop tools for cluster optimization after determining a Baseline Benchmarking Profile for the cluster.
Job DescriptionThe intern will work porting the FLASH Code to a hard-disk less cluster environment. The student will develop a Baseline Benchmarking Profile for the cluster, which will be used to optimize further the cluster modifying MPI internals and/or adopting different connectivity schemes.
The student intern should have experience in C programming, as well as some exposure to MPI programming in Linux environments, IP networking basics is also required.
The FLASH Code is a Parallel, adaptive-mesh refinement (AMR) , block structured code
that has been designed for compressible reactive flows. It is applied in a large range of astrophysical problems. Since it scales and performs well it is a perfect tool to test the code in petascale computing. It has an Open Software structure and includes source code that is ready to be run.
The student intern will do the cluster installation from the scratch. FLASH Code will be installed and ported to our cluster by the student intern. The student Intern will develop Performance and Optimization metrics that can easily be applied to further installations of the FLASH Code in different clusters.
The student will help implement and serve as teaching assistant in a series of seminars in the School of Electronics about cluster installation and administration, shell scripting and C programming in clusters.
Conditions/QualificationsUndergraduate at ITT Technical Institute (Chantilly, Virginia)
Linux OS experience
MPI experience desirable
C Programming and PC Networking .
Start Date05/01/2011
End Date04/30/2012
LocationSchool of Electronics Technology
Chantilly, Virginia
ITT Technical Institute
Ana Martinez