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Project TitleLarge scale molecular dynamics simulation studies of thermodynamics and transport properties of molten metallic alloys
SummaryThe undergraduate student will learn to setup and perform molecular dynamics simulation studies of molten metallic alloys. Specifically, the student will investigate the effect of various alloying element on viscosity and surface tension of molten Ni based alloys. The simulations will be carried on in LAMMPS and it will use embedded atom potential (EAM) for parameterization of the force field of the metallic alloys.
Job DescriptionThe student will learn to use the LAMMPS MD simulation package. The simulations will be run on parallel machines and the data analysis will be done in MATLAB or/and analysis codes written in C or FORTRAN.
Conditions/QualificationsThe student should be familiar and have basic knowledge in programing and numerical algorithms.
Start Date06/01/2016
End Date05/31/2017
LocationBaton Rouge, Louisiana, Louisiana State University, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Soojin Lee