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Project TitleModeling the Molecular Properties of Polymer Membranes for Water Purification
SummaryExisting theories do not provide fundamental understanding of water and salt transport through polymer membranes for water purification. This work will examine how water and salt transport through polysulfone-based membranes is affected by functional groups in the polymer network and variations in salt concentration at the molecular level using molecular simulation.
Job DescriptionThe intern will run and analyze molecular simulations of polysulfone and other polymer systems to calculate the diffusion and chemical potential of both water and ions. The intern will work closely with experimental groups at U.Va. to suggest rationales behind experimental trends based on the molecular simulation results.
Conditions/QualificationsApplicants must be undergraduates at the University of Virginia
Start Date05/20/2015
End Date05/20/2016
LocationShirts Research Group, Department of Chemical Engineering, Charlottesville, VA
Andrew Biedermann