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Project TitleHow to Build a Fast HPC n-Body Engine from Scratch
SummaryUsing planetary and molecular dynamics as target systems, this will be an introductory project and assume the programmer student is a complete novice. It will be taught in pseudo-code and have examples in C++ and Fortran. Focus will be on the general use of force fields and the understanding that many systems can be represented by versions of n-Body simulators with differing force functions. The goal is to create a beginners manual for molecular dynamics coding authors rather than users. You will be expected to write and run the code on a Blue Waters system.
Job DescriptionWhile this internship is for college students, the target audience is high school on up. You will meet with me weekly to learn the approach to building an n-Body engine from scratch. You will first learn to program the n-Body engine in a linear fashion then move to parallelism using various schemes (simple and hybrid). You will have two high school assistants to observe and assist as you need. The final product will be a "How To" manual for novice computational scientists to create n-Body engines and stimulate the growth of new HPC algorithms and methods for simulation prototyping in computational science.
Conditions/QualificationsPre-requisites: Calculus; Physics and a general interest in learning to program a computer to represent real world systems; willingness to work with two high school assistants; willingness to come to Marmion Academy once each week for progress reports and updated training; willingness to write a beginners "How To" manual with text and picture for public (free) distribution; willingness to meet more than 1 day per week if the mentor determines that more one-to-one instruction is necessary.
Start Date06/08/2015
End Date06/07/2016
LocationMarmion Academy
1000 Butterfield Road
Aurora, Illinois 60502
Eric Peterson