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Project TitleHPC Material Development and Revision
SummaryIntroduction to Computational Science: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences (Second Edition) by Angela B. Shiflet & George W. Shiflet (2014, Princeton U. Press) includes material based on six Blue Waters modules by the authors and has increased coverage of high-performance computing and its applications. The Blue Waters intern would help develop additional related material and programs in C and MPI for the text's website. This HPC site would be publically available.
Job DescriptionThe intern should help us develop and revise materials, including tutorials and programs, in an organized manner for the HPC portion of the textbook's website. These materials are derived from the six Blue Waters modules by Angela Shiflet and George Shiflet and are in the second edition of their textbook. Thus, the project also would involve porting, running, and scaling programs and tutorials on the Blue Waters system.
Conditions/QualificationsMust have C programming experience and preferably write well
Start Date06/01/2014
End Date05/31/2015
LocationStudent can work at home location
Shiflets are at Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
Matthew Beasley