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Project TitleHPC Monte Carlo Simulation & Analysis Intern
SummaryThe student intern(s) will work with a group of computer science, mathematics, physics and economics faculty at Bluffton University to further develop, analyze and test Monte Carlo and Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to aid two areas of active research of the faculty: ”solid-state defect dynamics, and synthetic measures of median expected lifetime income. Code development and testing will occur on a local Linux cluster before large-scale production runs on OSC'™s Oakley cluster and NCSA'™s Blue Waters.
Job DescriptionThe intern will adapt and devise C, Fortran and Python code in several Linux/Unix environments to further develop and test two Monte Carlo simulation projects of the research group, using the SPRNG library of pseudo random number generators.

For one application, the intern will aid a computer scientist, mathematician and physicist in extending Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) code to simulate long-term vacancy distributions in hexagonal and fcc LJ-lattices over a parameter space of varied temperatures, pressures and specific induced acoustic standing waves of the lattice. As time permits, the group and intern will test KMC simulation results by comparing to vacancy distribution data from long-term MD simulations using LAMMPS or NAMD.

For the second application, the intern will assist a computer scientist, statistician and economist in developing and testing various protocols for calculating synthetic measures of median expected lifetime income. The analysis of the Monte Carlo simulations will check for robustness with regard to changes in income inequality, demographics, and household composition that attempt to realistically represent the world-wide diversity of human societies. As measures with useful characteristics are tested and developed, the expected final phase of the work will be their application for calculating median expected lifetime income using American census data.
Conditions/QualificationsPreference will be given to undergraduates at Bluffton University with a strong background in mathematics or computer programming, core knowledge in economics or physics, and basic knowledge of C, FORTRAN or Python. Candidates should also have the ability or motivation for self-directed code adaptation, and maturity conducive to self-directed as well as collaborative research. Available for year-long internship (June 9, 2014 through April 30, 2015)
Start Date06/09/2014
End Date04/30/2015
LocationBluffton University
Bluffton, OH
Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Economics
(Drs. Jonathan Andreas, Michael Edmiston, Stephen Harnish, Darryl Nester)
Matthew McCoy