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Shared Memory: Presentations


OpenMP.pdf : An Introduction to OpenMP (PDF version).

OpenMP.ppt : An Introduction to OpenMP (Powerpoint version).

upep2010_sipe_sharedmem_20100521.pdf : Shared Memory Multithreading.

upep2010_sipe_sharedmem_20100521.pptx : Shared Memory Multithreading.

upep2010_sipe_multicore_20100521.pdf : Multicore Madness.

upep2010_sipe_multicore_20100521.pptx : Multicore Madness.

Symmetric Multi-Processing : An Introduction to SMP.

OpenMP_C_Summary : Summary of OpenMP using C.

OpenMP3_SummarySpec : Summary Specifications for OpenMP3.

Fitz's OpenMP presentation :

Fitz's OpenMP Presentation :