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Shared Memory Codes

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Game of Life with OpenMP : Conway's Game of Life is a classic example of a cellular automaton. Each cell's next state is based on its neighbors' states. This implementation, written in C, shares the grid between OpenMP threads.

GalaxSee OpenMP : GalaxSee is a simple implementation of a classic gravitation N-Body simulation: the formation of a galaxy. This version is parallelized using OpenMP.

Area Under a Curve OpenMP : This code sample demonstrates how to use OpenMP (shared memory parallelism) to estimate the area under a curve (integration) using Riemann sums.

Eratosthenes.c : Code with OpenMP

For Loop.c : Code with OpenMP

Hello World.c : Code with OpenMP

Rank Size.c : Code with OpenMP

Timing.c : Code with openMP

vers.c : Code with OpenMP