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Life Hybrid : Conway's Game of Life is a classic example of a cellular automaton. Each cell's next state is based on its neighbors' states. This implementation, written in C, breaks the grid into parts and communicates the boundaries between processes using MPI and wit

GalaxSee Hybrid MPI and OpenMP : GalaxSee is a simple implementation of a classic gravitation N-Body simulation: the formation of a galaxy. This implementation uses a combination of MPI and OpenMP to parallelize.

Area Under a Curve Hybrid MPI and OpenMP : This code sample demonstrates how to use a hybrid of MPI (distributed memory parallelism) and OpenMP (shared memory parallelism) to estimate the area under a curve (integration) using Riemann sums.

NBody_MPI_CUDA : The code files for Hybrid NBody example in MPI and CUDA.

MPI_OpenMP_Hybrid_Example : Example code for Hybrid using MPI and OpenMP.