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SiPE Exercise 01: Intro to Batch : Exercise on basic unix and batch use on the Sooner cluster at the Oklahoma Supercomputing Center for Education and Reserach.

SiPE Exercise 02: Tiling :

Editor Instructions : Instructions for using a "local" text editor to edit "remote" files.

SiPE Exercise 01: N-Body with MPI :

NCSI BCCD lab exercise : This lab walks students through a step-by-step process of creating a compute cluster using the BCCD software. It also shows how to run GalaxSee, one of the applications that comes with the BCCD software, and gives a lab exercise using GalaxSee to demonstrate some issues that arise in parallel computing, such as speedup and overhead. Finally, the lab shows students how to copy code off a system running BCCD using a flash drive.