Linear Interpolation Calculator

Introduction: Use this tool to help you interpolate between two sets of data. For example:
You have run an air quality model, looking at how much you need to reduce VOCs by to reach a specific target ozone level. If you reduce VOC emissions in the air by 70% (-70.0), your ozone value will be 0.1224 ppm. If you reduce VOC emisions by 80% (-80.0), your ozone value will be 0.116 ppm. By how much do you need to reduce VOC emissions to reach an ozone value of 0.12 ppm?

Data point Value Interpolated Value
Highest value 0.1224 -70.0
Lowest Value 0.1106 -80.0

You now wish to know: what is the percent reduction value if the ozone value is 0.12 ppm? The calculator below contains these data points. The correct answer is -72.03%, or a decrease of 72.03 percent for that particular precursor chemical.

To use this calculator, simply replace the values below with the values from your dataset, and hit the "Evaluate" button.

Input Value(s):

Target x
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