Gaussian Plume Calculator

Purpose: The gaussian plume calculator allows for the computation of the concentration of pollutants near an exhaust stack.

Restrictions on Use: None

Special Considerations: Initially, Gaussian plume models were used for pollutants such as carbon monoxide and other non-reactive species. The model has serious limitations when trying to account for pollutants that undergo chemical transformation in the atmosphere. Coupled with its dependence on steady state meteorological conditions and its short-term nature, this model has substantial limitations for use as a long-term airshed pollutant evaluator.

General Information:

  1. The sliderbars on the right allow you to change the input parameters of the model.
  2. The display on the bottom left shows the ground concentration downwind from the stack.
  3. The display on the upper left shows either a side view or a top down view of the pollutant concentration.

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