Brunt-Vaisala Frequency Calculator

Introduction : This calculator calculates the Brunt-Vaisala frequency. In this calculator, you have six input values:
  1. dT/dz
  2. Wind Speed (M)
  3. Temperature (Tv)
  4. Geopotential Height (z1)
  5. Damping Factor/ E-folding Distance (b)
  6. Distance Downwind (x)
  7. Dry Temperature (Td)

The algorithm for the Brunt-Vaisala frequency is:

Mathematical equation for brunt-vaisala frequency

where: a= 0.125 km/oC

Brunt-Vaisala Frequency Calculator

Input Values:

dT/dz (in Kelvin/meter)
Wind Speed (M, in meters/second)
Temperature (Tv, in Celsius)
Geopotential Height (z1, in meters)
Damping Factor/ E-folding Distance (b)
Distance Downwind (x, in meters)
Dry Temperature (Td, in Celsius)


NBV (second-1)
Wavelength (meters)
Height of air above starting equilibrium height (meters)
Height of lifting condensation level or cloud (meters)