Air Quality Meteorology

A Developmental Course of the
US Environmental Protection Agency
in conjunction with the
US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Meteorological Model Output Overlaying Satellite Image

MM5 Meteorological Model Output Overlaying Satellite Image
Courtesy of US EPA and NCAR

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Description
  2. Course Outline
  3. Course Content
  4. Interactive Media and Simulations
  5. On-Line Tutors
  6. Related On-Line Resources
  7. Reference Book List
  8. Glossary
  9. Credits

This course is designed for environmental decision-makers, scientists, technical advisors, and educators by scientists and instructional design educators at the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc., North Carolina Supercomputing Center, and the North Carolina Industrial Extension Service (North Carolina State University).

It represents the first step in a process of determining and recommending a comprehensive modeling curriculum which could be implemented by EPA through the Air Pollution Training Institute, by state and local agencies, and by universities.

Developed by
The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Copyright © 1996