Run the Pharmacokinetic Oral Regimen Model

DISCLAIMER! The Oral Regimen model available through this Web page is NOT to be used for clinical, medical, regulatory, research, legal, or scientific purposes. It is intended SOLELY as an educational tool.

Please enter values for the following parameters.
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Using the radio boxes, select the drug you would like to investigate.
Information regarding the dosaging of each drug can be obtained through the link provided.

Enter your weight in either lbs. or Kg here:

Dose (mg):
Interval (hours between doses):

Time Step:
Runtime (days):

Image Setup:

Graph Style:

xmin: (xmax equals runtime)
ymin: ymax:
graph proportionality: (1 equals 100% of the screen)

NOTE! Model complexity, simulation time, and system load can affect performance time! Please be patient!

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