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Note that a run using the default scenario approximates an Ebola Sudan epidemic in a slowly growing population.

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Initial Susceptible Population:
Births (per thousand):
Deaths (per thousand):
Infection Rate:
Length of Symptoms (weeks):
Note: Ebola Sudan causes symptoms for 1.5 to 1.75 weeks, while Ebola Zaire causes symptoms for 0.75 to 1 week.
Ebola Kill Rate:
Note: Ebola Sudan has a kill rate of about 0.75, while Ebola Zaire has a kill rate of about 0.95.
Week of Ebola Entry:

Runtime Weeks:
Time Step:
Graph Style:

Image size: (decimal percent)

The Ebola Virus 160,000X
F.A. Murhpy of Center for Disease Control October 13, 1976

NOTE! Model complexity, simulation time, and system load can affect performance time! Please be patient!

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