Lesson ideas for working with fractions

It is necessary for fourth and fifth grade students to be able to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents. Much of this learning must be done through repetition.

Here is a worksheet you may want to use with our applets in order to teach fractions.

Give the students time so they may try to solve the problems on the worksheet by themselves. Once the students have had enough time to solve the problems, have them check their fraction to decimal conversion answers using the Fraction Converter applet.

Once the students have had time to check their fraction to decimal conversion answers, instruct them to open the Pie Chart applet so they may check their percentage answers.

Once the students have opened the pie chart applet, tell them to adjust the applet settings so that the pie chart only has two sections. After all of the settings are correctly adjusted, have the students try to replicate their answers from the worksheet using the two sections. It may be helpful to remind your students the sum of the two sections must equal 100.

For example:

You would have the students enter 75% as the percentage for one portion of the circle and 25% for the other. Then the students would compare the circle they colored with the one colored by the Pie chart applet to make sure they look similar.

Once the students have completed the worksheet, they can choose partners and play the Fraction Four applet. Be sure you tell them to set the "problem type" in the Fraction Four applet to "fractions, decimals, and percents".