Basketball Pages for Internet Sports Exploration

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Description and Comments

CNN and Sports Illustrated pro basketball pages

CNN and Sports Illustrated college basketball pages

Contains a lot of information on basketball as well as the latest news and archives of data.
ESPN women's college basketball pages

ESPN men's colleg basketball pages

ESPN National Basketball Association pages women's professional basketball pages

One of the busiest sports sites on the Web, run by the sports pros at ESPN. These pages have all kinds of data and news stories about basketball and basketball players.
National Basketball Association

Women's National Basketball Association

The official NBA and WNBA sites. Current news, season statistics for the current season. Past statistics for some players.
CBS Sportsline college basketball

Much information on college basketball.
USA Basketball

The national governing body for basketball in the United States.
NCAA women's college basketball championships

NCAA women's college basketball statistics

Comprehensive information on tournaments, scholarships, and much more. Large databases of college basketball info.
NCAA men's college basketball championships

NCAA men's college basketball statistics