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South Carolina Academic Standards for Mathematics
3rd Grade
Number and Operations:
The student will demonstrate through the mathematical processes an understanding of the representation of whole numbers and fractional parts; the addition and subtraction of whole numbers; accurate, efficient, and generalizable methods of multiplying whole numbers; and the relationships among multiplication, division, and related basic facts.
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Lesson: Introduces students to fractions and explores basic mathematical operations with fractions, comparing fractions, and converting fractions into decimals or percents.

Lesson: Students learn about factoring by using manipulatives and computer applets.

Lesson: Finding the factors of whole numbers.

Lesson: Students learn how to convert from fractions to decimals.

Lesson: Students learn how to convert from fractions to percentages.

Lesson: Students and teacher play a game called "Fraction King" to understand the idea of taking fractional parts of whole numbers then use manipulatives and several computer applets to cement the idea.

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