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Virginia Standards of Learning
8th Grade
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra:
8.14 The student will
Lesson  (...)
Lesson: Introduces students to the vertical line test for graphs of functions.

Lesson: Demonstrates the connections between formulas and graphs.

Lesson: Introduces the basic ideas needed for understanding functions.

Activity  (...)
Activity: Enter a set of data points, then derive a function to fit those points. Manipulate the function on a coordinate plane using slider bars. Learn how each constant and coefficient affects the resulting graph.

Activity: Similar to other "flyers", Slope Slider uses slider bars to explore the effect of the multiplier and constant on a linear function of the form f(x)=mx+b. Explore the relationship between slope and intercept in the Cartesian coordinate system.

Activity: Learn about the vertical line test for functions by trying to connect points in the plane to build a function. When you have connected all of the points, you will be told if your graph is a valid graph of a function. Vertical Line Test is one of the Interactivate assessment explorers.

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