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Virginia Standards of Learning
8th Grade
Patterns, Functions, and Algebra:
8.16 The student will graph a linear equation in two variables, in the coordinate plane, using a table of ordered pairs.
Lesson  (...)
Lesson: Introduces students to plotting points on the Cartesian coordinate system -- an alternative to "Graphing and the Coordinate Plane."

Lesson: Demonstrates the connections between formulas and graphs.

Activity  (...)
Activity: Students can create graphs of functions entered as algebraic expressions -- similar to a graphing calculator.

Activity: Create graphs of functions and sets of ordered pairs on the same coordinate plane. This is like a graphing calculator with advanced viewing options.

Activity: Plot ordered pairs on the graph, and they will be connected in the order that they are input. This enables you to decide how the pairs should be connected, rather than having the computer connect them from left to right.

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