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An interdisciplinary air quality educational exercise

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Table of Contents

Scenario Materials

Educational Objectives
Getting Started: Instructions to Participants
Lotsonox, Inc. Scope of Work
AQS Plan of Action
EPA Press Release
Contextual Policy Statement
EPA Memo to AQS
Scenario Emissions Inventory
Useful Datasets
1995 National Air Quality Trends Report (EPA)
Extensions to the Scenario

EKMA/OZIP Materials

EKMA/OZIP Model Tools
About the Empirical Kinetic Modeling Approach
Implementing the Empirical Kinetic Modeling Approach
Using the OZIP Model Interface
OZIP Documentation
Sample Input and Output files
Calculating Mixing Heights
OZIP Web Interface
NEW! Ozone Isopleth Simulation Applet
NEW! Air Quality Index (AQI) Lookup Calculator
Assumptions and Limitations of the Approach and Model
Interpolation Calculator
Glossary of Terms for EKMA/OZIP
Student Evaluation Form (Please fill-out!)
Current Statistics for the page

This exercise was designed for environmental professionals and educators by scientists and instructional design educators at the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the North Carolina Supercomputing Center and the North Carolina Industrial Extension Service (North Carolina State University). This project is being conducted under EPA Cooperative Agreement CR 822080 awarded to the Industrial Extension Service, North Carolina State University, with the North Carolina Supercomputing Center as the main technical partner. It represents the first step in a process of determining and recommending a comprehensive modeling curriculum which could be implemented by EPA through the Air Pollution Training Institute, by state and local agencies, and by universities.

The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.

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