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Search Engines

Topic: How to Use a Search Engine
Time Duration: 40 minutes of lessons, 1 hr 20 min of class participation.
Grades: 4 to 8th grades

The students were introduced to different search engines and Web vocabulary. The instructor explained the concept behind web browsers. The students were able to give different examples of a web browser. The instructor gave the students Internet Scavenger Hunts to get use to using search engines in a different way. The students tried to answer the questions without help from the instructor. After the students were given time to find the answers, the instructor gave them some short cuts to help narrow down the search. The students tried to find more answers using some of the short cuts. The students worked hard to answer the questions; therefore, the class played a game of Internet "Simon says." The instructor would say Simon says "jump up and down pat your head." The students would perform both actions. Another example, "Simon says" kick you leg pat you head - kick you leg." The students would only pat their heads (See lesson plans). The class ended with fun and games.

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