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GIS and Search Engines

Topic: GIS and Search Engines
Time Duration: 1 hour teaching and 30 minutes computer time.
Grades: K-7th

Today the class had a short talk about Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The students did not know what GIS was until the teacher gave some examples. The students knew about the navigation systems that are in vehicles, but that was all. The instructor explained how GIS work and what they are used for. The students were not able to use Google earth because the software was not able to properly load; therefore, the teacher did a review on search engines. The instructor went over terminology about search engines. The class covered web browsers, search addresses, search bars, tabs, Desktop shortcuts and more. The class ended with the students searching for themselves on Google. Some students found themselves and some found their parents. At the end of the class everyone learned something new about search engines.

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