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Instructor Evaluations:
Weaver Street Workshops
9:00 am to 11:00 am

Date: 06/19/07
Topic for workshop: Introduction/weather models
Instructor: Lateasha Shirer
Number of Students: 9 Grades: 3-7

1. Provide a brief overview of the workshop (i.e. purpose, activities and materials):
The beginning of this class was devoted to learning everyone's name and history. The class played a game called "Introduction Uno". Each student was able to look at models on their computer.
2. Did the students engage the workshop and ask questions?
The students asked questions about the temperature applet. There were a lot of different web pages for the students to go to.
3. Did the students seem to learn and understand the material? For example, can the students explain what they learned?
For example, can the students explain what they learned? The students didn't understand the explanation Mrs. Maclean gave. The students understood how the slider bar changed the applet.
4. Is this material appropriate for the K-7 grade level? Is it more appropriate for K-3 or 4-7, and why?
I think older student would understand this material better. From grades 6 and up. The 4th grade level had trouble understanding the weather model.
5. How do the materials and activities apply to the science and math the students are currently learning?
The news channels use weather models to deliver the weather to the public. The students needed to know how the models work.
6. Do you have any suggestions for improving the lesson plans or activities to be more appropriate/effective for this age group?
This lesson needs to be more researched for more detail. The instructor needs to find good websites for the students to look at.
7. Additional Comments: CSERD has great weather models, but it is a little complicated to get to.

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