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Topic: Fractions
Time Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes teaching 30 minutes of independent time
Grades: K-7th

Today I (Ross Broadnax) taught the students the "basics" of fractions. This consists of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. I was supposed to be teaching probability, but to understand probability, students had to understand fractions. I started off the class asking the students how many of them were already familiar with fractions. The majority of them raised their hands. So to give them a little test, I asked them how to add two fractions that did not have common denominators. They answered incorrectly, which is what I thought happen. So I went on to teach them about how to add and subtract fractions. They had their break, and I decided to change my approach on how I was teaching them. It was more of a lecture and I wanted to get them more involved with what was going on. So when they got back, I quickly went over how to multiply and divide fractions. Next we played a game where I split them into two teams. Then I would ask them a problem and they would have to come up with the answer. After figuring out the answer, they would then have to make a visual representation of the answer with the homemade flash cards I provided for them. Class was fun.

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