Shodor's staff provide a broad range of experience in science and technology fields. Staff members mentor interns and apprentices as they develop curriculum materials and teach classes. Staff also run workshops for students at Shodor and for educators across the nation.

Robert M Panoff 

Executive Director

Computational Physics Mentor

Patricia Jacobs 

Associate Director

Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD) Project Manager

Outreach Coordinator

Ron Broadnax 

Braille through Remote Learning (BRL) Website Manager

Engineering Mentor

Joel Coldren 

System Administrator

Web Development Mentor

Levi Diala 

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Workshop Program Coordinator

Phil List 

Apprenticeship Program Coordinator

Computing Mentor

Technical Editor Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE)

Mohammad Mobeen Ludin 

High Performance Computing Mentor

System Administrator

Kristen Ross 

Intern Program Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

International Programs Coordinator

Managing Editor Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE)

Joyce South 

Financial Manager

Aaron Weeden 

Parallel Computing Mentor

Programming Mentor