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Problem 2 Solution


The key idea: The order of operations may need to be emphasized again, especially the proper use of parentheses to evaluate the denominator correctly.

Solution Steps for Problem 2:


  1. Recall the order of operations is Parentheses, Exponentiation, Multiplication or Division, Addition or Subtraction.

  2. One "tricky" part was covered in "Working with Numbers:" -1^2 is evaluated as -1, since the exponentiation is done before the negation.

  3. Another step that you might miss is putting the denominator inside parentheses, since 3^2 is divided by the WHOLE denominator.

  4. Entering the following key strokes in a T1-82 style calculator produces the answer:
    3 ^ 2 / ( 1 + ( 22 / 3 + 4 * ( - (1 ^ 2) ) ) ) ENTER

    Answer: 2.076923077

Try another problem like this one.

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